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by:King-Footwear     2020-05-07
Flatforms Flat tall platforms are catching up with the young-at-heart. Bright colors, straps and embellished variants of flatforms are in vogue and preferred by most. Although perched at precarious heights and may get uncomfortable with time, this is certainly a great way to grab attention. There are quite a few versions of the flatform including strapped flatform sandals, flatform shoes as well as flatform espadrilles. Women's shoes made from suede, canvas, velvet and wood are beginning to draw the attention of fashonistas. Sandals Both flat and high sandals, bright as well as pastel coloured seem to the draw the attention of the casual user who is looking for stylish and simple footwear to match the occasion. Boot sandals and strapped sandal variations allow for interesting variations to go with designer outfits and handbags. Elaborate lacing, bright braided straps and unique braid patterns make sandals an irresistible option during spring. Pumps Printed, plain or patterned flat or high, pumps are beginning to get noticed by women. For those who are not looking for that extra height with their footwear, ballet flats are an ideal choice. Cap-toe, pointed toe and metallic toe variants widen the options for the foot and rivets on high-heeled pumps is certainly a trend that is bound to challenge one's own creativity. Wedges Angled wedges and espadrilles will be trending as well this spring. Printed, braided, strapped wedges and espadrille wedges with tie-ups, sling back wedges of various shades, patterns and heights offer an exciting array of footwear to choose from. Flip Flops Simple, casual and airy, flip flops just never seem to go out of fashion. Available in a whole range of colours and materials, flip flops usually cater to daily use and is often seen as casual choice for casual outings. Wedge and slip-on flip flops offer a design variation to an otherwise monotonous design that is often improved by patterns, beads and other simple embellishments. Printed, patterned, bright as well as pastel coloured, metallic, transparent and embellished variants of all the above models as well as women's boots are all set to make a fashion statement this spring. Feathers, flowers, bows, buckles, laces and rivets add on to complete that statement. Gold and Silver coloured footwear is quite popular among women especially during this time of the year and transparent sheer vinyl footwear, though a novel idea, has not yet received the same kind of popularity that other varieties have attained.
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