Although many women see shoes as the most important

by:King-Footwear     2020-05-16
Here is the definitive list of the five pairs of shoes that every man must own: Lace up dress shoe You will notice that this list will not give definitive styles of shoes that you must own, but more generic styles that need to be on your shoe rack. An example of this is the dress shoe. You never know when you need to look good - a wedding, funeral or an interview - and a polished, lace up oxford or a brogue will make all the difference. Loafers A cross between smart and casual, the loafer is a must have. Whether you're smartening up a pair of jeans or dressing down a suit the loafer is the king of mixing styles. Slip on your loafers and head to work, they're flexible enough to go from work to the club and back to work again - without having to go home to change. Canvas plimsolls Retro has been in fashion for longer than not. One of the best things to come out of this fashion trend has been the new life given to canvas plimsolls, like the Converse All Star. The perfect shoe to wear with jeans, cords or casual trousers, every man, woman and child should own a decent pair of canvas plimsolls. Comfortable trainers Whether you like casual sports shoes, running trainers or skateboarding shoes - pick a pair that are comfortable and wear well. You won't ever need to wear these when smart shoes are required, so they don't have to be kept in pristine condition. Obviously, you won't want them become tattered and scruffy, but a little bit of wear will just add to the character. Slippers Not the most stylish of footwear but everyone needs to own a pair of slippers. Whether you're lazing round the house or popping to the shop for a pint of milk, the homely, pleasant feeling that a pair of slippers gives you is unrivalled. Once you find a pair you like, they'll be with you for many, many years.
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