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by:King-Footwear     2020-04-29
Wedding and Shower Ideas for Decorated Cookies Not astonishingly, baby showers, bachelorette parties, and wedding receptions are some of our more common events for custom-made cookies. With everyone looking for something unique for their event, these make perfect party favors, goodie bag giveaways, and also place cards! One soon-to-be bride who had a large wedding event ordered several of our 'Edible Elegance' decorated cookies, and had the scrumptious dresses personalized to match each bridesmaid's dress and shoes. Small paired tuxedos were customized with the groomsmen's names, and they made a game through locating their partners while blindfolded based on a guessing game. It was an excellent ice breaker for the wedding party, most of whom were not familiar each other before the event. Another entertaining idea for personalized decorated cookies happened at a baby shower. The soon-to-be-mom ordered a number of boxes of our 'Cuddly Bear' cookie favors. Guests at the event were each provided with a few of the cookies, and some tubes of decorator icing. They had a fun game of coming up with possible baby names, writing the names on the cookies and then playing baby bingo! The game was amusing, the parents got some fantastic ideas for their baby's new name, and everyone enjoyed a sweet treat at the end of the party. Get the Team Decorated Cookies Sports banquets are a wonderful place for sugar cookies customized for every single player. The cookies can be purchased with the team's color theme, and then every player can have their name and/or number emblazoned on the treat. It's a fantastic way to acknowledge the fun and cooperation of a good season. Decorated cookies also make wonderful travel munchies for away games, or as a special surprise for those long weekend tournaments. One bowling team we worked with ordered specially personalized cookies shaped like bowling pins, with the name and high score of each league member from that season. They were presented on the last night of bowling, and were a big hit. You can find cookies to personalize for just about any sport, including basketball, baseball, bowling, football, soccer and more. Whatever the event, adorned cookies are definite to become a hit. They are perfect for birthdays, anniversaries, weddings, showers, as get wells, to celebrate a new baby, or express sympathy. They also make a perfect thank you gift for a unique friend, a going away gift for a co-worker, or a cheerful embrace to the neighborhood. When you order, make sure you choose a cookie company that bakes their goods in the US and ships fresh. Cookies should be baked, packaged and shipped within just a few days, to ensure the best look, fresh taste and richest flavor. We truly enjoy sharing the joy of specialty cookies. Our recipe is a sweet and delicious sugar cookie, with just the right hint of honey and hints of freshly-ground spices. The icing is created for the right balance of flavor, and adds a beautiful and artistic touch to the presentation. They are more than cookies; they are works of art!
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