Business type of King-Footwear
Wenzhou King-Footwear Co., Ltd is a for-profit company produces best sneaker . It has been focusing on developing its production technology and introducing advanced equipment, which makes it specialized in manufacturing exquisite products. Since founded, it has always adopted the most professional corporate system methods to serve customers, striving to be one of the most leading manufacturers.

King-Footwear is engaged in designing and manufacturing vulcanized shoes for years. The popular casual shoes series is widely praised by customers. Main tests have been performed during the inspection of King-Footwear popular casual shoes. They are bonding test, colorfastness test (CF to light, water, and phenolic yellowing perspiration), fitting test, slip resistance test, etc. The flexible EVA provides cushioning for the product. Designed with high-quality components, this product performs well in remaining true and natural color temperatures, providing the space with a comfortable lighting environment. The product has the advantage of fire retardancy.

We have seen our responsibility for sustainable development. We have shifted to renewable energy and renewable raw materials and strived to minimize the potentially adverse environmental effects of our products, services, and transports.
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