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by:King-Footwear     2020-05-01
Most people who have wide feet need footwear which is at least size C or wider. Having wide feet makes it essential to find the best pair of wide width high top basketball shoes. High top shoes provide adequate arch support which is required for wide feet. Wearing wrong sized footwear may cause an array of problems like bunions, corns, calluses, claw toes, Achilles tendons, tight calf muscle, etc. As a result, choosing the best suitable shoe pair is the best solution. First step that you need to take towards it, is to measure both your feet since sometimes their widths differ from each other. After you are sure of your exact shoe size, try a few shoe models. The best options would be the shoes that come with removable insoles and lining. So that you can remove it for better fitting of your orthotic shoe inserts. Apart from lining and inserts, make sure that the shoes that you are choosing, have adjustable laces or adjustable straps. These straps prevent slipping of feet inside the shoes. Here are some of the best models of wide basketball shoes that you may like to try. nike air max 2011 are one of the most versatile basketball shoes for wide feet. These shoes come with two types of cushioning, for impact and comfort protection. They also come with two outsole options for all kinds of playing surfaces. The upper body options include premium Nubuck synthetic leather and smooth synthetic leather with a wide range of colors. The best thing about these shoes is that they can be customized by adding personal iD at heels. All in all, adequate cushioning, supportive mid foot straps and customizable features make them good basketball shoes for wide feet. Average cost of nike air max 2011 is around USD 165 and they also have a special model for women. jordan shoes are also extra wide basketball shoes that come with a variety of designs and fitting options. These shoes come with a good and sturdy combination of synthetic and mesh upper body, rubber outsole with excellent traction abilities. These shoes come with padded tongue and collar and cushioning insole. Hence, they provide good support, shock absorption, swift movements and stylish look! Average cost of jordan shoes is around USD 100. Apart from those mentioned above, there are a few other brands that are ideal for wide feet. Here you can enrich yourselves at
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