How about King-Footwear logistics distribution system?
Wenzhou King-Footwear Co., Ltd offers comprehensive logistics services through our logistics distribution system. It is endowed with a strong capability to provide comprehensive functions, including order arrangement, automotive calculation of delivery time, inventory retrieval and so on. The system proves to be feasible to improve delivery accuracy and shipment resource utilization. With such a system, we better serve our customers from all over the world without delay. If you have any problems with our logistic distribution system, contact our after-sales personnel.

King-Footwear is thousands of people's first choice when they are in need of vulcanized shoes. The canvas slip on shoes series is widely praised by customers. Inspections for King-Footwear durable canvas shoes will take place during and after production. During production, the product will be checked for sewing quality (seams, stitches, and openings), and physical properties (resistance to tearing, shrinkage, color fastness) after production. The flexible EVA provides cushioning for the product. The product is highly durable and has strong practicality.

With the aim to shift to renewable raw materials in products, we have a close dialogue with suppliers and business partners about the progress of sustainable materials.
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