How does King-Footwear manufacture skate sneakers ?
Wenzhou King-Footwear Co., Ltd has been paying attention to the manufacturing process skate sneakers . Professional and experienced staff are involved in the production process of the product. By introducing a complete range of facilities and technologies, our manufacturing processes are more recommended by our customers.

King-Footwear achieves success in women's canvas slip on sneakers industry mainly supported by its independent factory to produce high quality . The popular casual shoes series is widely praised by customers. Extensive tests for King-Footwear durable canvas shoes have been conducted. It has been tested in terms of flex and fatigue, cushioning and shock absorption, perforation, and biomechanical comfort. The high-quality fabrics provide a quick-drying performance for the product so as to make feet stay cool throughout the day. Because the product is well-known for its performance in cutting energy use, from a long-term consideration, it is definitely a preferred choice for those who use it frequently. The anti-slip outsole provides stable support during outdoor activities.

We have a clear business strategy: green production. This means we will seek to minimize the negative impact of the production process on the environment at every stage, including minimizing emissions, controlling wastes, and minimizing the life-cycle cost of products.
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