How many employees in King-Footwear?
From a small-scale company to a company with complete facilities and strong economic strength, Wenzhou King-Footwear Co., Ltd has grown a lot and now has several departments made up of professionals, designers, sales elites, and senior technicians. We strictly select and hire employees who are required to have rich experience in this industry and know the performance and characteristics of shoe retailers deeply. In addition, our employees need to have a deep understanding of our corporate culture and management concepts, which is very important for company growth.

As a professional modernized group, King-Footwear is specialized in producing and selling canvas slip on shoes. The canvas slip on shoes series is widely praised by customers. King-Footwear vulcanised shoes will go through complete production processes. These processes include CAD construction design based on feet shape, pattern making, materials cutting, stitching, and final assembly. The product is characterized by strong folding strength. This product caters the diverse needs of the customers. The textile pigments used on the product have excellent waterproof property.

We will gradually gear towards a more sustainable manufacturing approach. We will not generate wastes or pollution that impose a burden on the environment.
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