How many production lines does King-Footwear run?
Since established, Wenzhou King-Footwear Co., Ltd has set up more advanced production lines to satisfy the needs of increasing clients. Complete production line is a set of sequential operations established by our factory where materials are put through a refining process to produce a finished suede sneaker that is suitable for onward consumption. We today introduced the most advanced international production facility to meet the demand of the clients.

King-Footwear, most distributors' first choice for , has won more and more customer's reliability and trust. The vulcanized shoes series is widely praised by customers. King-Footwear low price canvas shoes is designed on the basic concept of ergonomics. The design concerns different foot shapes, comfort level, arch support function, and pressure distribution. The bottom of the product has a peel strength. Although the initial cost is not cheap and is more expensive than other traditional lights, this product that lasts for a decade repays its cost in several years.

We adopt an environmentally friendly production strategy. With regard to resource uses, we will resort to cutting-edge manufacturing machines to fully utilize resources at disposal as well as to reduce wastes.
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