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by:King-Footwear     2020-05-13
Jeans and pants look particularly sassy,classy and pretty when worn with a canvas wedge sandal or espadrilles. Espadrilles are a shoe with a canvas top and woven rope (jute rope) bottom. While not all are wedges, there are many various wedge Espadrilles, from open toed, to closed toe, wrap straps to slip on. Espadrilles are not the only type of wedges that look great with a pair of any of your jeans. There are just other type of sandals, and closed toe wedges, which look really fantastic and outstanding. Even leather and more embellished wedges look great with jeans. It all depends on the type of shirt you are wearing. If you wear a fancier shirt, such as silk or rayon, a more fancy type of wedge will look good and more appropriate. However, if you pair jeans, or pants, with a t-shirt, a casual leather or canvas shoe is a better fit and you look absolutely stunning. There are some other outfits that look great with these shoes and one of them are skirts that look fantastic with straps that wrap up the leg. One of the great things about a wedge is they give the leg a lovely look and height, while not creating the discomfort of a stiletto, when walking. The wedges can look especially lovely with a flare skirt and adds more feminity to your personality. You have all the right to flaunt your sexy legs as well shoes that are amazing. However when you pairing your wedge shoes, there are some basic things to think about. Skirts look best with taller heels, even only as high as an inch. Canvas shoes don't look as great with semi-formal or formal dresses, but a leather sandal can really make an evening dress look wonderful and vivacious. While wedges are easier to wear than stilettos, they still are not as easy to wear as a flat.They are very simple and easy to maintain. For most leather wedges, you can clean them with a simple cloth which should be soft enough so that your shoes don't get damage in any way or you can also use special polish that comes for these shoes. With a canvas shoe, read the instructions on how to clean the upper portion, which may have different instructions than then that of heels.
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