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by:King-Footwear     2020-05-10
The kind of shoes that you excitedly search your mind for the first occasion you'll get to wear them. This complete guide to shoes for men includes the best shopping, fashion advice, tips, reviews, size charts and all of the latest trends in men's shoes. From the latest styles and top designers, to hot bargains and classic finds, Shoes of the Day puts the spotlight on a new pair of women's shoes five days a week. Today, Action is synonymous with quality footwear for the whole family-ranging from casuals to formals from daily wear to sports wear and from an elegant collection for ladies to a fun range for kids. Action Shoes is the highest shoe producer in the country with more than 100,000 pairs every day and revenues in excess of 100 million dollars. We have a network of more than 50,000 retail outlets all over India to sell our footwear, which are being supported by more than 500 distributors throughout the country and this ensures that the customer wherever located is served efficiently. With over three decades of experience in footwear industry, Action is synonymous with quality shoes for the whole family-ranging from casuals to formals; from daily wear to sports wear and from an elegant collection for ladies to a fun range for kids. True to its name Action is always on the move to scale newer heights in footwear designing and manufacturing. Intensive R& D efforts and the latest technology go into the making of Action footwear. We have in house manufacturing facilities, including modern equipments and machineries specially procured from different countries to manufacture footwear at par with international class and quality. Each Action shoe is the product of a relentless quest for quality, high level of workmanship and a true commitment to customer satisfaction. At Action we strive to listen to the customers in their local markets and identify their footwear needs and then provide products that exceed the customer's expectations in terms of quality, style and value. Hardly surprising, Action has carved a special niche in the Indian footwear market and in the hearts of millions of its consumers through out the country. What one needs is a partner that's always on the move, that tracks your every move, just right and smartly too. And that's exactly the inspiration behind our trendy footwear collection ranging from performance sport shoes to semi-formal and formal footwear for men, women, teenagers and kids. Ultimate in design, comfort, and fit. Action shoes not only look good but also are good for your feet. Each Action product is the manifestation of our high standards of workmanship, access to latest technology. That's how Action is synonymous with maximum quality and performance.... and of course that essential look. So get into Action. And feel free to walk on the rough roads of life. Surely you'll be the winner. Metro Shoes is an established Indian footwear brand from the last six decades. offers a perfect medley of the rich Indian heritage and International designs to make every shoe in its collection a must-have. Renown for unparalleled quality, excellent workmanship, superb fit and world-class comfort, the Metro Collection reflects the tastes of the trendy Indian.
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