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by:King-Footwear     2020-05-12
Leather belts are on the top in accessories list. They lend appearance a great smart and stylish look and perfect for making style statement. But with it leather belts also helps in upholding dresses. They have become so important that a person feels uncomfortable without them. If so it's time to purchase a belt for you and that too leather belt only. But do not simply go to a shop and purchase any leather belt. Purchasing right leather belt is must as it lends a balance and proportion to the body. Be very careful while buying it because if not selected according to your body type can ruin your personality. But the main question is 'How to buy a leather belt?' Many are unaware of this answer. If you are one amongst them do not worry. This article will help you out in it. For accommodating right leather belt in your closet read the tips given below. 1) Always buy a belt larger than your waist size. Let's suppose if your waist is size 28 then leather belt you purchase should have size 30 or 32. If belt size will be bigger then only it can fit in your waist properly. 2) Width of leather belt depends on for which occasion you want it. If opting for formal occasion then one or one and a half inches wide belts are ideal. While if buying for casual or informal event then wide belts like two inches wide or more are appropriate. 3) Price of leather belt should not exceed price of your shoes or clothes. But at the same time it should not be so cheap to make your outfit and appearance look ratty. 4) Length of your leather belt should be suitable enough so that you can fasten it properly as per your convenience. It should not be too long neither too short to cause inconvenience. 5) According to a fashion rule color of shoes and belt should complement each other. Their sameness impart polished look. That's why color of shoes should be decided prior buying a leather belt. 6) Every leather belt comes along with buckles of various shapes and sizes. Give heed to them while shopping as they vary from occasion to occasion. Flat and long size buckle look good with formal clothes and give professional look. On the other hand flashy, bulky and big buckles are meant for informal, party wear and casual dresses. 7) With regard to belt if purchasing for work, go for leather belts that have a glossy and mirrorlike finish but without any design on it. While if buying for informal events, choose a leather belt amongst the canvas or cloth belts. 8) Above all before buying a leather belt analyze your personality and choose the belt In accordance with.
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