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by:King-Footwear     2020-05-03
Zuckerberg, of course, is Mark Zuckerberg, the 29 year old youngest self-made billionaire in the world and the social networking wizard of this little thing called Facebook or FB for short. In a scheduled meeting last week between men in their tailored suits and Zuckerberg in his trademark hooded sweater, denims and sneakers at New York' s famous financial district, the Wall Street, the attention was inadvertently focused on the fact that the latter did not wear some kind of men's suit. What followed was an almost comical discussion in the business world who branded this young guy's personal style as being 'informal', and 'relaxed' on the one hand, and 'slovenly' and even 'disrespectful' on the other hand. As if the mere act of polishing himself up with some flawlessly stitched up men's clothing should in any way affect the status of his billion dollar company's plan for an initial public offering or IPO. The incident, however, highlighted an age-old question of: why do men (and women, too) have to wear some kind of custom suit clothing in the business world? Or at least in a corporate environment like those that envelops Wall Street. The answer is actually quite simple. People are expected to wear men's suits. And that expectation has been accepted as the norm for ages and has never been challenged until the coming of age of the Internet and IT era. Blame it on the IT boom that exploded at the beginning of this millennium, which brought about young hotshots, barely out of their teens, wear coming to play with the big boys in men's suits. Certainly, men will look more elegant, trustworthy, authoritative and all the right adjectives if they were garbed in impeccably-made men's suits. The concept of what is ideal in a man or woman is, after all, already ingrained in the society's mind, and suits that fit to a tee are one of those ideals. Nevertheless, it is likewise undeniable that in the different stages of a man's life, he dresses up or chooses his wardrobe pieces not because those are the clothes that he wanted to wear, but rather what is required of him to put on. Even though the business world is now a bit casual, many companies still expect and require their employees to don a suit and tie especially in all client meetings. Of course, there have been whispers of dissatisfaction in the hallways regarding the status quo of men's suits in the office. But despite Zuckerberg's show of being a non-conformist, which is technically just being true to his own personal style, it is highly unlikely that this conservative mindset of requiring men to wear men's suits is going to be upturned anytime soon.
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