One of the best selling basketball shoes of all

by:King-Footwear     2020-05-17
Since the outfit needs to fits the mood of the woman, the shoes need to fit the outfit. They have to offset or match whatever is being worn. There is no getting around it. Shoes that do not cut it are quickly replaced with another pair from the dozens in the closet. Luckily, some shoe manufacturers understand what women are looking for and create a look. Like Converse and the all star light line. Making athletic shoes is not how Converse started out. In 1908, in Malden MA, near Boston, Marquis Converse started and built a successful business by making rubber boots. It was another decade before the All-Star was born. Chuck Taylor, a well-known amateur and professional basketball player of the era, designed the original All Star shoe. American basketball, extremely popular today, was in its infancy in 1921 when Mr. Taylor joined the company. Not too many shoe manufacturers knew what was needed in footwear for the new sport. The radical design has stood the test of time. Many of the sports greatest and best-known players have worn and endorsed the shoe and the brand. They helped protect feet and ankles of the athletes. As celebrities and personalities often do, not wanting to be left out of the limelight, began wearing Converse All-Stars. They had become as much a fashion statement as an athletic statement. They created a different look and made a bold statement. The casual look was becoming popular and this particular shoe was comfortable and could match well with the newer casual outfits. From the original design, the Converse all star light keeps the same shape and lines. High top and low cut versions still have the trademark toecap and stripes. However, they are a slimmer and lighter weight shoe specifically made for women and girls. For a more adventurous look a mid ankle boot and a multi strap boot in leather adds something totally different. The original material for the upper part of the shoe was canvas. Possibly still the most popular canvas uppers come in quite an array of colors. Black and white traditionally goes with almost any outfit. Favorite colors such as blue, green, red, pink and purple could match your outfit or offset the colors in your outfit to set you apart. The manufacturers' website even gives you the ability to create your own unique looking shoe. No matter day or night or what you are doing or getting ready to do, Converse all star light sneakers are stylish and comfortable. Many couples have even worn 'Chucks' to formal dances and their prom. Women from many generations have loved the look of this classic shoe. All-Stars will likely continue to be worn by both men and women for future generations.
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