Shoe Fetish is the only place in Santa Cruz, California

by:King-Footwear     2020-04-28
You will surely notice Shoe Fetish Shop while paving the pacific avenue. Who would miss the vintage look of this store with its gorgeous looking outdoor gooseneck lights above their signage, inviting every shoe lover to hop and shop every time you pass by their premise. You may noticed how they complement the store name with these outdoor gooseneck lights illuminating the sign and the store itself. With anodized charcoal coating their gooseneck lighting outdoor matched the color of the window and door frames. Overall these fixtures perfectly blend well with their store image. Designers can put together any combination of gooseneck arm and light shade in incandescent, compact fluorescent and metal Halide, to design any exterior gooseneck lights. There are many variations and multiple finish options to use which you can create a vintage, classy retro look of your store. Your light will truly be customized to your wants and structural needs without paying to much and as long as you know the expertise of the people that you are working with, everything is gonna be alright! Usually, gooseneck lighting outdoor is available in different angle shades from 10' to 14' diameter with 63 different powder coated finishes and colors to perfectly match the exterior of your storefront. Gooseneck arms can be customized as well in any lengths and shapes to meet all architectural needs of the premise. Whatever configuration you have come up with, gooseneck lighting outdoor can make a great accent to any porch, garage, driveway, storefront, or other exterior space where you may need a fully aesthetically pleasing scenery. Indeed Shoe Fetish offers quality and accommodation like no other. This store is more than meets the eye!
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