Skinny jeans might be the latest trend in the fashion world

by:King-Footwear     2020-05-12
Even though skinny jeans look good on skinny women and women of athletic build, there is no reason why people with fuller figures cannot rock them. The key is to balance out the problematic areas by diverting attention to the regions that are your best. Tops- Floral tops, plaid shirts, Tanks and spaghettis, tops with ruffles and ruched necklines, polo t-shirts and graphic and plain t-shirts go well with these jeans. Tunic tops also go with these jeans. Women with less or no curves can go for something more feminine like ruffles, floral prints or laces. Women with curvaceous figures should go for longer tops that cover their hips while giving them a graceful and elegant look. Plaids and tanks are good for an easy casual look. Jackets- For a more formal look, don a black blazer or jacket. A jacket cinched at the waist can also give a very classy look. Leather, denim and suede jackets go well with these pants. Accessories- Go for sneakers, canvas shoes, ballerinas, gladiators or knee high boots. It all depends on the season. Even sandals can look great with tight jeans. Match your shoes with your tops and may be add a scarf to sport a fun look. Large chunky jewelry or fine jewelry can both go well with tight pants. It all depends on the occasion for which you are dressing. A long necklace or dangling earrings can help you make a great fashion statement. If it is a more elaborate affair that you are attending, be sure to add some unique accessories. Color- Again skinny jeans are available in a multitude of colors. Pick a light color if you want to accentuate your long legs. If your legs are not your best part, go for dark denims or black jeans. They have a slimming effect. Also, they can be worn to more formal occasions unlike bright and funky colors that draw attention to your outfit. Fabric- These jeans are generally made of a denim and spandex combination. The spandex imparts more flexibility and comfort. Also, it helps in giving a perfect fit. Go for spandex in your jeans if you want to flaunt your lean legs. Rise- There are several types of jeans available on the region in which they are fastened. Pick from among high rise, low rise and mid rise jeans based on your figure and comfort. Try sitting and standing while buying jeans to get and idea regarding the fit and comfort. In order to look your best, go for a top and style of jeans that suit your figure. Accentuate your positive aspects and go for more solid and darker colors to conceal your problematic areas.
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