What are key manufacturers for glitter sneaker ?
Wenzhou King-Footwear Co., Ltd is one of the crucial manufacturers to get glitter sneaker in China. Our guarantee is to supply you with the best buying experience from our very first meeting through the years of care. Our values will be reflected from how we conduct business, constantly acting legitimately and frankly with respect both for employees and customers.

King-Footwear integrate design, production, trading, OEM service, one-stop solution for customers. The canvas slip on shoes series is widely praised by customers. The product is developed with a converter which can transform the alternating current to direct current. The in-house R&D team devoted themselves to make the product more adaptable to different voltage range so as to ensure safety. A durable rugged rubber outsole ensures the best traction and grip for everyday use. The product well adapts to the market demands and will be applied more widely in the near future. The product is popular for its anti-static property.

We will gradually gear towards a more sustainable manufacturing approach. We will not generate wastes or pollution that impose a burden on the environment.
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