Where is King-Footwear factory located?
The factory of Wenzhou King-Footwear Co., Ltd has the most advantageous position. Here, the cost of collecting materials and manufacturing and distributing finished casual skate shoes to customers is minimal. Our factory is located near the source of raw materials. Therefore, we are able to reduce transportation costs, which greatly affects production costs and provides customers with the greatest profit. Skilled and semi-skilled local manpower adds to the efficient operation of our plant.

With advanced equipment, King-Footwear can make sure high quality and high efficiency during manufacturing vulcanized shoes. The vulcanized shoes series is widely praised by customers. King-Footwear vulcanised shoes will go through complete production processes. These processes include CAD construction design based on feet shape, pattern making, materials cutting, stitching, and final assembly. The rubber sole has excellent texture and feels good to touch. The various specifications of the product meet the needs of the customers in the industry.

We think highly of the sustainable business mode. Through upgrading our production procedures, we strive to make a balance among the development of economic, social, and environmental factors.
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