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by:King-Footwear     2020-05-05
Heels Love them or hate them, heels are back this season. It seems that they went away for a while, with many women preferring the comfort and simplicity of flat-soled shoes. More than ever, large heels are on trend for spring and summer 2012. In some cases, the larger the better. Unlike the staid, business-like heels of the eighties, however, today's heels are increasingly chic and original. Leather may be out, but other fabrics are in. Plush velvets are fashionable when it comes to heels, especially in bright colours. They can be worn with wide-legged or flared pants for a trendy and sexy look. Suedes are also hot right now in heel fashion. As with velvets, bright colours are the way to go in 2012. You can wear suede heels just about anywhere, from a chilld out night with the girls to a formal cocktail party. Finally, glitter is back, which will be welcome news to women who crave attention for their feet. Any heels bearing studs, jewels or sparkles are especially hot right now. Wear them loud and wear them proud. Ballerina Flats For women looking for a simpler and more comfortable fashion for their feet, the classic ballerina flat is also hot in women's shoes. The beauty of ballerina slippers is they can be worn on any occasion. They are casual enough to be worn around the house, but are fashionable enough to be worn out to a club or a fancy restaurant. They look great with jeans, and give you that 'sexy without trying' look. While plain colours are always in style, patterned and jewelled ballerina flats are also hot for 2012. Ankle Boots It seems that every year, we think that this will finally be the year when ankle boots go out of style. Not so for 2012. Defying all logic, ankle boots are as hot as ever in women's shoes this year. Whether flat or heeled, you can't go wrong with an ankle boot on a cooler evening in spring or summer. Ankle boots strike that perfect balance between casual and formal, which is perhaps what is responsible for their meteoric rise. Leather and suede are the best fabrics for ankle boots, and look for a pair with a cute zipper on the side. Casual Summer Shoes Casual shoes will always be an essential part of women's shoe fashion, especially in the spring and summer months. Inevitably, you will have to find a pair of sandals to get you through the summer heat. Flip flops are out this year, but slip-on sandals are in. Blacks and neutral colours go well with jeans or shorts. If sandals aren't quite your thing, go for a casual pair of slip-on canvas sneakers. They can be worn without socks and are perfect for any casual occasion. Solid colours are on trend right now, especially pinks and reds.
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