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by:King-Footwear     2020-04-25
Though online shoe stores are tempting buyers to go for online shopping, yet there are a large number of retailers who still prefer buying from traditional wholesale shoe stores. A survey was conducted in which retailers were asked why they still preferred to shop in bulk from traditional wholesale stores and almost all of them came up with different and unique reasons. Some major reasons, which motivate them to buy from traditional stores, are: Feel good factor There are still some shoe retailers, who resist change. They have not yet accepted the modern ways of conducting business and they still prefer to source and sell their stock by sticking to traditional ways. These are mostly those retailers who have small businesses and growing further is either not possible for them, due to a lack of resources, or they are not much motivated to modify their operations. Purchasing from traditional stores makes them feel good and secure. Immediate deliveries Those retailers who buy from online stores mostly source their wholesale shoes from international markets like China, the USA, Philippines, India (or any of the third world countries) due to low cost of production. The international deliveries take a lot of time, which makes it hard for the retailers to meet their commitments. Buying from traditional shoes stores ensure in time deliveries. Even if your order is customized or urgent, delivery still takes less time as compared to sourcing from online international stores. No risk of scams There is a huge risk of scams in the online world. There are many fake shoe wholesalers, who place appealing text and pictures of shoes on the internet, offer rock bottom prices, steal your credit card information and disappear from the scene. There is no such risk in buying shoes from traditional stores. Even if some risk of frauds, in terms of poor quality, exists, it can be eliminated by buying from the same trustworthy shoe store each time you are out of stock. Personalized services While buying online, retailers can only see the pictures of the shoes while if they buy from the traditional stores, they can touch and feel them, which is the most secure way to make a purchase. Every human wants to be treated like a real person and when you visit traditional stores, you are given personalized advice and services. While in the case of online purchase often answering machines give pre-recorded messages, which annoy customers. Accurate sizes and colours Mostly the pictures of the shoes available with the online stores show some bright colours to attract customers. These images can be misleading. Sometimes, when retailers receive these shoes, the colours are slightly different. This can be a problem if you deal in a variety of colours within the same colour code. Sometimes the sizes of the shoes are also not accurate because they are not checked in advance. Purchasing from traditional stores of wholesale suppliers allow you to check the size, colours and designs of the shoes. Returns and claims are easy Mostly online wholesale stores do not guarantee or have a return policy that favours buyers. If they accept returns, they set strict conditions for it, which is not the case while you're purchasing from traditional shoe stores. Moreover retuning goods to the suppliers from far off places is hectic and expensive while in purchasing from local stores, even if the supplier does not take back the returned items, there is always a chance he'll make an exception for you.
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