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The shoes exhibitions we have attended over these years


In 2013, this is first time we participated in the GDS Exhibition in Germany, the beautiful Rhine River and the leisurely German life,all make us envious of it. And only can work hard to make the beauty to be reality.

In 2015, we came to the Garda Shoe Exhibition in Italy, the blue sky and the beautiful snow mountain are rare to see in China! In these years, we have paid too much, even the white clouds have gone to Europe.

In 2016, we participated in the MAGIC Shoe Exhibition in Las Vegas. We also took a trip to Hollywood's Star Avenue, and enjoyed the sunshine and sandstorm in Los Angeles.

In 2017, we participated in the New Delhi Shoe Exhibition in India. Also feel different country and different customs.

In 2019, we also went to Japan for the first time to attend the Tokyo Shoe Exhibition. Unfortunately, we did not see Fujiyama, but appreciated the beautiful cherry blossoms.

Going abroad and participating in the exhibition, we do feel different customs of other countries, but we also realize that work and life are not easy. We hope that we can work hard together with our customers and work hard for a better life.

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