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This Canton Fair,we not only got order


The 125th Canton Fair was held as scheduled, the grand dress attracted the whole world.

Guys of King-Footwear are busy with entertaining customers. This time, there are obviously more customers than before,the booth are full of customers.

Every customer's advice is trust and confidence to us. We must record every details accurately and timely.

Every conversation with customers is a growth. It is necessary for us to learn to listen,to know how to well service customer and how to make progress together with them.

The days of exhibition passed in a flash. In this time,we not only get orders,but also the precious friendship with the customers. Although we come from all over the world, with different skins, different languages, we have the same feelings and friendship!Hope all of us have a successful business and well health, we look forward to meeting you next time!

King-Footwear welcomes all customer,whatever new or old. Tell us your think and your request. We will try our best to do it for you. We look forward to meeting you again at 126th Fairs!

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