Fashion & Shoes Magento Theme - Gala Spendisse

by:King-Footwear     2020-04-30
The well-known brands slider to help better promote products. The products slider are cleverly arranged to save space but it still gives customers an overview of your store. Also, with view products on the lightbox is particularly convenient for quick shopping and customer choice. Fashion & Shoes Magento Theme - Gala Spendisse has all the features of Magento and provides you more extensions. With GalaSpendisse you will have a store like that, the your management will easy and convenient than ever. Gala Spendisse is particularly suited to the fashion brands, sports products, shoes .... Highlight Features: Mega menu - Multiple columns menu Besides using Magento's default menu, you can also use our expanded menu. With Mega menu you can easily added to your menu of the images, video, text input, and dynamic data. This makes the menu you become rich, eye-catching and so convenient. Add on, your menu can have multiple columns with the dropdowns and you can arrangement to suit the store structure. Image slideshow 20+ transitions effects One thing would be really interesting and attractive when customers visit your store, that is the image slideshow with over 20 transition effects. You can give the customer a lot of information advertising, the product images. And now your store extremely lively Products slider Also with the aim to give customers more information, slider of products enables the display of products is not limited by the size of the site. Your website can easily show a variety of products with various information such as new products, bestseller products,promotion products, .... Brands slider Brands slider enables to display the brands' logo. It is easy to control in the backend static block Bestseller / Features / New product widgets Because you and us along towards the efficiency of your business, so the automatic selection and show the products according to your conditions will be helpful. You can give to customers to their list of best-selling products, the feature products, new products through the static block at home page. You can optionally choose conditions as well as information relating to quickly attract the attention of customers. Drop-down shopping cart Before, the shopping information going through a static block and displayed on a page as the homepage, category page, or detail page. With this new development, the shopping cart block only appears when you hover the mouse to the cart. So you will save more space of the site, plus your guests can view the cart at any page when they want. Video player on product pages To give your customers an overview and the most specific, we specifically developed the ability to display the video clips in the product details page. You just had a video online and put that link in the backend page, immediately you have made your store should be quite lively and unique. Quick-view / Ajax-view product / lightbox Interestingly at the home page and category page you can view the product detail but you don't need into the detail page. Just click on the 'quick shop' button in the product image. Immediate, product short description, detailed photos and prices of products will be show to customers. Then your customers can continue to see other products quickly. This is very convenient for your customers, it gives them pleasure, you will definitely achieve business efficiency. Image size controlled in backend This is a really convenience feature. You only need to perform the simple manipulations and fast in the back-end.In the configuration, you can optionally choose the appropriate size for your products. Not only the main product image in product detail page where you can also change at other pages, such as: Thumbnails on Category page in Grid mode and List mode, thumbnails on Product detail page, Related block, Crossell block, block Upsell, Widget. Along with changing the image size you can change the background color to the product images. View the magento theme here:
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