Football Shoes, also referred as cleats or soccer

by:King-Footwear     2020-04-30
The shoes are especially concerned to be used by the kickers therefore in early days the football shoes were especially designed for drop and placement kicking consisting of a hard toe 'box', the end face of both the upper and the sole being square and sometime merging resulting in a flat upright face to contact the football. It became difficult to punt with such a shoe because of the rounded toe which deflected the ball unless the foot and ball met in the right relationship. During the 19th century people used to wear very heavy shoes to play football. The first ever shoes with the steel toe cap at the front, long laces and ankle support. The shoes consisted of metal studs or tacks put in the sole so that the players would have more stability on the pitch. The first ever football-specific shoe was designed in the later part of the 19th century weighing 500gms, made of thick and heavy leather which ran right to the ankle for increased protection. The major impact made by the football shoes on the game took place after the Second World War when the designs of the football shoes changed dramatically. The South Americans designed a lighter and more flexible shoe, focussing on increased control and better kicking power and lesser protection. Screw-in studs was first introduced by Adi Dassler. In 1960s the technology of football shoes really took a huge step. The shoes being designed with a lower cut enabling the best players change direction quickly and move faster. In 1970's production of lighter shoes took place with an enhancement in variety of colours. In 1980's the Adidas Predator became the most popular and most dominant football shoe. In 1990's the manufacturers introduced a new sole to increase the balance of the player. The Predators released in 1994 and enjoyed instant success. The laser technology was introduced in 2006 to produce the first fully customized football Shoe. The present invention of the football shoe is designed for punting, whilst for drop and placement kicking. The invention is not only concerned with requirements of kicking shoe but also providing ease to general football requirements which can be worn satisfactorily both by the linemen and the backs. Football Shoes have now become available in various colours such as blue, green, red, white, yellow etc. Big companies such as Adidas, Umbro and Nike have made record sales in the market. Nike's flagship shoe is the Mercurial Vapors worn by Cristiano Ronaldo, Total 90 football boot worn by Wayne Rooney. Adidas, the German company Boot the Predator range is worn by David Beckham, Gary Neville, and Steven Gerrard.
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