From toddlerhood to preteens, most girls love

by:King-Footwear     2020-04-26
Spin it For this game you'll need to create a customized spinner. On each space of the spinner you'll need to paste a picture of a dress up item such as a necklace, earrings, dress, shoes, or tiara. For each girl playing, you'll need each of the items listed on the spinner. The girls sit in a circle and play begins with the youngest girl. She flicks the spinner and attains the pictured item. Play goes clockwise. The first girl to be fully dressed up wins the game. If a player lands on an item she already has, she passes play to the next girl. Princess Race This activity requires at least four girls and two complete sets of dress up clothes (might include a dress, shoes, necklace, clip on earrings, and tiara). The girls split into two equal teams. They stand on one side of the room, across from their respective stash of dress up gear. The first two girls race to their pile of clothes, get dressed and race back to their team, then turn around race to the opposite side and undress. The rest of the girls repeat the process and whichever team is complete first, wins. Make it Fancy Using common clothing or ordinary accessories, create a stash of dress up items. Give girls a certain amount of time to choose clothes, accessories and shoes and then make their outfit the most fancy out of their friends participating in the game. When the time runs out, each girl has the chance to walk a homemade catwalk and present her outfit. Each girl gets one chance to vote on whose outfit is the most fancy. The girl who has the most votes wins a fun accessory prize. Dress the Part Create a list of characters that the girls recognize. Write the character names on small pieces of paper, fold them up, and put them in a bowl. Make sure you have a large collection of dress up clothes in a chest or bin for the girls to choose from. When it is her turn, each girl chooses a name and dresses up as the character she has chosen. The other girls playing the game try to guess who she is. She can give hints through motions or actions but should not speak. The first girl to guess gets to have the next turn.
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